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April 30, 2013
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Daniel sat peacefully with his back to the woman he gave a ring to. He sealed his fate to her with simple words of I do. She was his queen now and he kept his realm safe for her.
His damsel and queen. He needed to spend more time with her. In this fragile state she spent too much time alone, he had too much on his mind to give her the time though.

Gentle hands ran through the soft mocha locks. He flinched and whine when his fingers hit a knot. The soft bell laughter made his whine into a laugh. He looked into the soft
_______ orbs that seemed to hold nothing but admiration for him.

He felt guilty whenever he felt shamed…Daniel was no saint and this girl deserved better, king or not, he could do better for her.

You smiled seeing his green eyes meet your own. “Daniel…I’m not a portrait stop staring~” You giggled softly and finished combing his hair. “It iz hard not to starez, angyalom.”

You giggled and kissed his cheek before resuming your work. Your nimble and slender fingers pulled the hair to the side and tied it to hang loose on the side on his shoulder.

Daniel blinked when you put a flower in his hair with a giggle.

“Darling…I am a man.” He said flatly.

“No you are married~ you are a man no more Danny boy~” You said giggled and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. The back of his shirt felt nice against you. It was a loose white cotton shirt for riding, he was not dressed as your king today. You were wearing a loose cotton under gown. One sleeve had slipped off your shoulder and you were showing more skin then Daniel would have liked. He turned back to you and smirked before quickly turning and pressing you back to the bed.

“I am your man am I not? ~” He said nuzzling into your neck.

“Daniel be careful~” You whimpered and giggled. “We have an angel joining our family~”

Daniel smiled and hugged tighter, regardless of what you said. “I vant my child to know I love them~” He said kissing your neck and shoulder. “I also want my wife to be more than pleased~” he said sliding a hand up one of your legs.

You mewled softly and brought your arms around him. “I love you,” you whispered and kissed his chin gently. His smile always made your heart flutter and want to leave you.

He leaned in and brushed your lips together before gently sealing them in a kiss. His chest always felt heavy when he kissed you…

Before anything could get anywhere a guard knocked.

Daniel groaned against your lips before pulling his away. You blinked and let out a small giggle.

“Sir, there is the Austrian dignitary at the gates. Shall you proceed to greet them?”

“Yes, give me a few minutes to get my vife and I dressed.” He ordered and the guards heavy feet went away. Daniel sighed and leaned down to kiss your nose, “I vill have to play vith you later, my love.”

You giggled “Danny, you are a king first—“

“No, I am a husband first and a king second and soon a king sird since I am to be a father.” He said leaning down and kissing your lips. Your slender arms wrapped around his shoulder and brought him closer. His lips were always so soft and inviting. He could have had any woman in Hungary, but he chose you.

You were grateful you had him and he you. Daniel helped you sit up and went over to the walk in. He sifted through his clothing and picked his uniform out.

You watched his back and rested a hand on your slightly swollen stomach. It was firm yes, but it was not round with the child yet. Your little light and pup. Daniel chose you as his mate while you were both still young. You were the one who brought him his swords or whatever it was he wanted.

At times, it only felt like he chose you since the mate he was to be with was a prudish woman; there was no warmth in her.

Did he just settle?

You were just his maid at the time and nothing more, your task, to bring whatever the prince fancied that day.

He was kind enough to let you indulge in his fun.

Sparring with a sword, reading and writing. You had grown alongside Daniel since you were both children when you began to be his servant.

Every young prince was given a personal slave; and you became his as you were meant to be his since your birth.

He was rather cold to you at the start, as you grew older, he began to see you differently…You were beautiful and filling out nicely. You would create splendid heirs to whoever you were with and your father was looking to find you a mate.

Daniel was heartbroken the night your father announced you were to be married…He stole you away from your bed that night and took you somewhere secluded.


You slept soundly before you heard your window open…With tired eyes you looked over to see your beloved friend. “Daniel?” you said sitting up.

He looked drenched from the rain, “Daniel were you hungry? Did you go kill another chicken?”

He walked over and sat at the edge of your bed and flashed a smile. “No…I just vanted to see you. So….you get married tomorrow…”

“Y-yes….I didn’t think I would see you…You looked so angry when my father decided. I-I can’t stop it now Daniel….I just….You know I’ll always love you…” You said softly before getting up and crawling to him. Slender arms wrapping around his waist.

He turned a bit and looked at you nuzzled to his chest, “Vhat if ve had a pup...vhat if I made you my mate? Neither my father nor yours could say no..._________ I can’t lose you….”
He said sounding so broken.

You blinked and looked at him wide eyed. He was everything you wanted and more. “That day in the woods I became your mate and have been so ever since Danny…Yes, yes, I want to have your pup.”

You pulled him with you to lay on the bed and the night grew warmer.


You were special and he loved you….this was why, well….That night you went from his maid to his full mate and he had given you a child. It was announced quickly and you were wed a week after.

You feigned illness to get out of being married before you found out you were pregnant with the prince’s child.

Your parents finally found out why the prince had you help him in the morning and why you were so protective.

You never did let anyone dress him but you.

No maids for this king, this was how you and your husband met. When wolves created a hierarchy, there was the low, which was you and the high, which is where Daniel stood. His father was alpha and your family in humble service.  Now you were his queen.

You ran a hand through your own hair and got up walking into the closet with your husband.

Gently, you wrapped your arms around his middle. “Can we just ignore the woman and stay in bed, I do not like how she looks at you…” You said softly into his coat.

“Darling, she stares, but she can never have. I am yours.” Daniel said softly and turned to face you. “Besides you will be at my side, you can growl at her~” He said grinning and kissing your cheeks.

You giggled and nodded just a bit.

Daniel reached into the back of the room, “Besides, I want to see you in zis new dress~” He walked over and handed you the carrier.

“Shall I get a handmaid?” he said kissing your neck. He could hardly ever keep his hands away from you. His arms firmly pressed your back to his chest and he rubbed your stomach with a smile of satisfaction.

A trophy, a lot of the men called you the trophy. Daniel was very competitive with who you were to marry….Maybe, he stole you to prove a point and show you off.

You shook your head, “No need for that Daniel, I am not round enough to require a handmaid to dress.” You smiled and pulled away and out of the closet to dress.

When you were both ready he took your hand in his and walked out with you.

You were stunning to him and he was more than prideful when other men would stare. They could never have you. He would rip all their throats out before they could even touch you.

You were his.

His and only his.

He moved his arm from your hands and around your waist to hold you tighter to him. You were fragile right now and he was being a protective husband.

At times, it felt like he still felt shame for leaving the beautiful Austrian woman behind for you.

When reaching the gates, the Austrian group was waiting…and that woman, Anneliese. She infuriated you since, before you she was betrothed to Danny. The rumor was they got along splendidly and you were the whore who stole him and ruined the alliance. Daniel always assured you that it was always you and this was happening even if it meant leaving and going to war.

He loved you and you needed to ignore all the prying eyes.

In the end you were the one married to him and carrying his child. Not she and it was never going to be her now.

Anneliese walked to Daniel.

“It is good to see you Herr Héderváry, how are you?”

Daniel removed his arm from around you and took her hand, kissing it gently and politely.

It made your skin crawl he had to do such for her. Daniel removed his lips and straightened back up. He always seemed his happiest with her. You were worried he would take her as a lover at any moment. Daniel kept assuring you no….but those green eyes seemed to be lying.

“Vell, it iz good to see you…I take our apologies have reached your ears?”

“They have and vill go heeded, I hope you are happy with the choices you have made. She better be worth it.”

“Hold your tongue, she iz my wife and the queen of thiz region. You vill give her respect, she iz the mother of ze future king.” He said half growling.

She walked closer to Daniel and got right by his ear.

“She deserves no respect Daniel. You know it az well, she vill only ever be the whore. You made her into that and you know it.” She hissed in his ear before getting far enough away from him.

Daniel was frowning and turned from her. He turned to his guards “Make sure the lady iz situated in a guest room. Have her down for the ball at night’s fall.” He said walking away, he grabbed your hand in the process and dragged you back inside. He was walking very quickly.

A good image. Daniel always had a good image till he married you. You were the dark mark on a perfect record.

“Danny, slow down, I can’t—“You tripped on your dress and Daniel was fast enough to catch you before you hit the ground.

“I-I’m sorry…..” he said pulling you snug against him.

“Danny, please calm down….I love you, we love each other.” You said cupping his face.

“Does it matter what others think?”
Daniel stayed silent and that broke your heart.

“You are ashamed still…” You said softly and felt the salty tears pricking your eyes.

“Tell me the truth…I have ruined you have I not?”

Daniel swallowed the lump in his throat. “Y-yes….but—“

“Fine, if you are so ashamed for me when I am not…I will take my pup and go. Your silence is answer enough….” You said pulling away from him.

Daniel looked at you surprised “N-No….I-I just…”

“Daniel….I love you, but you seemed ashamed of me when you aren’t treating me like a wife….I’m sorry I am no purebred like Anneliese…”

“_______, zis has nothing to do with her.”

“It does….you always look your happiest with her and…I see how you look at her I am not stupid. You always say it was just me in your heart, no, she was there as well. You loved her and you settled for me since she was hard to court! You wanted her and still do…”

“I-I am sorry….you’re right. However, I married you and that should be enough.”

“No, it’s not…” You placed his hand over his heart. “I want this heart to only beat for me…” You said sadly.

A husband to love and adore you, to love you without you asking. A husband who was not ashamed of you. One who did not pick you because he wanted to be better than someone else. The woman he really loved did not love him until he married you. All you wanted was a husband who would sit with you every night and hold you, tell you he loved you and you alone. A husband who would nuzzle your stomach and give your pup all the love they could want and more.

“That is all I want Dani—“

“Now, you are just being stupid woman!” Daniel said getting angry. “Vhatever, go leave and take your child vith you! Make him a bastard for all I care! You insolent mutts aren’t vorth anyzing anyway! Vhy I married you, I can’t even fathom anymore!” he said shoving you to the door. You asked for his love and now he was shoving you out the palace doors.

Before he could even give you another shove, you bolted and ran as fast as you could. You shifted into your wolf state and ran for the woods.

Daniel watched for a second and realized his mistake….His wife was alone in the woods pregnant…and alone.

He pushed her out the doors and from his life. This girl was fragile before she was his lover and now…he just shattered her heart into nothing. He told her he didn’t want her or their baby…

She was gone, she was gone and now…

Daniel sprinted after you as fast as he could and even shifted himself to chase after you.

He stayed out for hours.

There was no sign of you left, the rain had washed your scent away. Daniel stayed searching and even had the guards help. Minuets turned to hours and days to weeks. You were nowhere to be found.


The king’s advisor finally got Daniel to stay in the palace more and wait for news. He would sit there and stare out of the window. He was guilty, but for some reason not sad, he was guilty he left a pregnant woman alone. For some reason his heart was not broken from his actions. He was stronger than that, or maybe he just never loved you to begin with. NO! He loved you, he utterly loved you….

The study was silent, even the lively paintings of scenes were dead. There was no life to be offered for someone who hurt another.

He bit his lip hoping you were alright…You must be swelled with child by now…a beautiful sight, he just was not allowed to see it. He chased that sight away.

How often he dreamed of holding you again, to rub the swell on your body…

He let out a quit sigh and leaned back in his chair.

Maybe he would go and visit the stables tonight…or go out and kill a chicken…Just do anything that reminded him of you.

Anneliese had tried to bed him….at first he was going to let her, but the thought of you would not leave. He would not even touch her. He could hardly even stomach to be around people, he felt he was sick and did not deserve such interactions.

He needed you like air…

At first you were a trophy, that night you were his wife, but he was no husband. He just wanted you home.

He wanted to be the husband you cried out for….where were you?


You sat inside the small cottage an older woman led you to.  It was not far from the main city where the palace was, you were not one to stray far from familiar places...The trees and shrubbery were thick around the wood structure. The cottage was solemn and lonely, except for the occasional spider that would slink by. The woman had helped you through most of your pregnancy. She had passed three moons ago.

Your heart wept for her, she was a kind woman to offer you such a place to have a child. She even helped you sort out your thoughts on your husband…

You missed him, there was no denying you missed him more than anything…your Daniel, the father of your child, your life.

You were both fools that night…He must have already forgotten you…

A gentle and slender hand moved over your swollen stomach. He was big now and with the pains coursing through you, he would join you soon in your arms.

A heavy chill ran through you, this place with the squeaky floor boards….it was always so cold. You would huddle with the cat the woman kept, sadly it had fled when she died. It sat at her grave every night, as you had until rest was all you had in mind.

It was not warm enough here to birth, all your instincts kept telling you this. You needed to get somewhere warmer, no matter what the cost…

It was time to go back…maybe if you threw yourself to his feet, he would at the least let you birth inside the palace and nurse till the pup was healthy enough to leave with you…

So many hopes…

You gently shifted yourself and began to walk back to the area you ran from…your pride told you not to go near, the other part just wanted your child born somewhere warm.

The gates were never changing and the Austrian coaches were still here…He must have bedded her by now.

Your heart was already to broken to care. Your face was hallow, he had stolen the life from you. You scratched at the gate and whimpered. Your soft ______ colored fur was matted and you were a shell of the girl you once were. The husband you were to have married would have probably loved you…You wouldn’t be here begging for a warm place to birth a bastard child.


A guard noticed the very pregnant female and let her in.

“Ya poor thing, here lemme get ya in the stables with a blanket.” He said softly and led the younger wolf down. He could tell her legs were weak and worn so he picked her up.

Usually a wolf was too big or too heavy to carry. He could tell this one was not the healthiest.

“Ya have to be quiet…The king is rather in a foul mood, he lost a wife and child by his own stupidity.” He said laying you down gently in the hay. He ran to get a blanket, you shut your eyes for a bit when the pain hit you.

You only opened them when you heard, “M-Majesty, a-a-aren’t ya staying inside, it is cold tonight.”

“No, I wanted to zee the horses—vhy is this volf here?” He said growling under his breath.

You were too matted for him to recognize. Daniel went over, “I vant her out.”

“Sir, the little girl is birthing, just let her stay the night and have the child.”


Sir, that is heartless even for a king!”

“I said no and that iz final!”

The guard and he turned when they heard a very human whimper. They turned to see glassy ____ colored eyes watching them full of tears. Daniel’s eyes widened and he could only muster out “___-________.”

“D-Danny….Please, just let me-me have t-t-t-t-the pup and go….I just needed somewhere warm….I’ll leave I promise….I promise you can be happy when I go just please let me stay in the stables please….I just want my p-p-p-p-p-p-pup to live….please…” The salty torrents made their way down your cheeks when another contraction hit.

Daniel rushed to you quickly and was able to pick you up. One arm under your knees. He was being so careful not to hurt you. You were already suffering as it was, with his child.
“No….you can stay forever, I can’t lose you again….Get a doctor and meet me in my quarters!” he ordered the guard who had been helping you.

The guard panicked noticing that was the queen and took off in a full spring to obey the king.

Daniel was panicking himself, he first made sure he had every part of you collected in his arms to carry you.

You clung around his neck for support and gripped tightly. Dull nails digging into his neck when another contraction hit you.

“Shhhhh, don’t worry zis vill be over, I promise…” He said rushing you up and into his room…this room that was yours as well. He laid you down and kissed your forehead. The silk felt nice against you, you were just in too much pain to care.

Daniel propped your back up against the headboard with pillows. “Darling, calm down.” He said trying to get ahold of your legs. You were writhing a bit and not making it easy for him. They always do say your first child is the hardest.

Daniel finally got your legs apart and ready for what was to come. By now, your breathing was still harsh, but you were much calmer. He sat by you on the bed, leaning over and stroking your hair. His mouth near your ear, where he was lathing it in kisses. As if he was making up for all the kisses he missed.

“Shhhhhh, I love you.” Daniel said calming the quick breathes you had. Those three little words meant the world to you.

“My love, I swear you and our son vill be fine…I swear, I am not going to lose you. I promise, nothing bad vill ever happen again, my queen, my life…”

Your breathing calmed and slowed down. “I-I trust you…I always have trusted you.” You whimpered and gripped his hand.

Daniel gave you a tired smile, “I never stopped looking for you…I am not letting you go again…”

You felt the tears pricking your eyes and nodded. The doctor finally had made it into the bedroom and ushered Daniel away.

He was carrying a basin of water, and a blonde nurse, was carrying a lard assortment of towels. She was the one to check between…well, you know. “She iz crowning sir.” She said letting the doctor move over and wash his hands.

“W-what is crowning?” You asked, hands over your stomach and breaths in short pants.

“It means my queen, that your pup iz coming very, very soon.” She said smiling and patting your shoulder, since she had moved to stand beside you.

Do you know the awful feeling you get when you are about to fail? That feeling of no hope and destitution that is inevitable and you can do nothing to stop it, since you have no help at all. For once, your life did not feel this way.

The smile on your face, it made the sun look dull. The doctor was a shriveled old man, but he must have known had to help you.

“R-really?” was the only line all you could muster before an awful ripping feeling occurred, it made your whole body seize in pain and agony.

“Yes, really, my queen I needz you to push now.” he said washing his hands in a basin of water had had brought in. He was done quickly and the real pain began.


Darkness…that was all that was around you. It felt as if you were floating. In an instant you were the ____ colored wolf you were standing on a edge, a pup at your side.

The next, your mind made you a child, sitting with your mother in the servant’s quarters.

The world goes beyond just humans and normal animals, comprised of dragons, knights and always end happily. That is what your mother told you. She also told you, that wolves are special like a dragon is…and just as strong. She had died shortly after you married Daniel.

You missed her every day since then, she was waiting for you though. Her arms out stretched for her little girl to join her. Your feet began to carry you forward, until a tiny hand gripped yours.

Big _____ colored eyes looked at you, the small boy had the most beautiful mocha locks. He looked like your Daniel.

“Don’t go anya…” he whimpered and pointed towards something, a shadow.


Who was that calling to you?

“_____! Please, you are strong you can do thiz!” Yes, the voice was right.

Right now, you needed to be a dragon and a proper wolf. The voice was calling to you and you followed it until your body grew heavier and heavier.

When it felt too heavy to continue, your eyes began to open. Green, there were those beautiful green eyes you loved so much.

The first sight was your husband, with tears running down his face. “Oh, thank god…. He whimpered and kissed your forehead. “I thought I lost you again…” he whimpered and nuzzled to your chest.

You gave a tired smile and stroked his soft hair. The doctor was in the room, with a squiggling bundle of blankets in his arms.

Your instincts kicked in. “Daniel…” You croaked, “Is that our pup?”

He looked up and nodded, “That iz our son…” he said smiling now. “You are a mother ______.” He said kissing both your cheeks before getting up to take the child from the doctor.

Daniel knew you were instinctual right now and quickly brought the child to your side.

Your hands shakily removed as much of the blanket to see the child’s face.

A soft nose caught your ears and you smiled, tears pricking your own eyes.  The small face that greeted your own, was so beautiful and perfect. Your child, this was yours and
Daniel’s child.

Daniel placed the small infant in your arms. You never felt such a swelling in your heart before. A warmth to protect your young grew. Daniel sat by you on the bed. The nurse and doctor now gone and the room utterly silent.

All the noise you could hear was the three heartbeats and three breathing souls.

“Daniel…I want to name him after your father…His name will be Almos.” You said softly, breaking the silence and kissed the tiny forehead of your son.

Daniel smiled, “Almos…he vill be a good king as my father vas.”

You looked at your husband, “And as you are.” You said softly and kissed his cheek. Daniel blushed and smiled, “I swear, ve vill be a family…can you forgive me….I vas a fool…a truly terrible fool. I love you _____ _______ and alvays vill. Please, let me make ze rest of your life perfect. I vant your life as __________ Héderváry to be perfect…”

You smiled and nodded, “I-I forgive you…I love you Daniel Héderváry and my life is yours,

you and Almos are my world.” You said softly.

Daniel smiled and leaned in, sealing this promise with a kiss.
Okay~This is a contest entry for ~Freya-chii 's contest for pregnant readers~ the pregnant part was to long to put in the title;;;

But, I do hope everyone enjoys and supports her contest, there really is not enough Pregnant!Reader inserts out there. They are nice and pleasant to read.

This little guy kept gong and going, it was hard to finish where I did. Also, this allowed me to Use Male!Hungary, which also needs more love and stories.

I hope you all enjoy.

Hetalia does not belong to me, just the plot of this story.
Also, you belong to yourself~

Feed back is always welcome~
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Best story I read in days! :D
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I am very glad you like it~
Suzumebachi801 Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yes lol its wonderful and I hope you continue your writing you are very gifted at it!! :3
Awwww, thank you~I write when I have time~
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That...That was beautiful. I loved it. *Trying to not cry* Beautiful...
I am very glad you liked it~
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Awesome and I like your profile pic
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